Available courses

Creating skirt patterns and their adaptation to other styles.

The sleeve is an attachment to the bodice. In this class you will master the creation of sleeves and how to create more interesting designs out of the basic sleeve

In this class you will create the bodice pattern. The bodice is the upper garment foundation. It is a basic mold that can be further adapted to create more complicated designs. It contains the fit of the garment. That fit is also inherited by and design that is made out of it. 

The Bodice is used for men, women and children's wear. 

This class will introduce you to pattern making. You will understand pattern making terms and basic principles. You will master the use of measurements to create simple shapes. 

In this course you will learn to use your machine to sew perfect lines, curves and angles. You will also master sewing techniques which you will use frequently in sewing up various garments. 

Understand measurement units. 

Take accurate measurements for Adult males, females and children.